Philosophy and people

How we think

What makes Komec truly unique is that its vision and philosophy are not just empty statements that serve no purpose. As the driving force of both factory and product, our two essential values of reliability and honesty, are shared by the entire team. It is, therefore, no surprise that Komec received the ISO 9001 certification in 2011 and has maintained it ever since.

Our mission: support our partners in their road to creation, innovation and change, driven by reliability and honesty.

Our vision: increase your quality of life with our innovative products, services and solutions.

Who we are

When we started our name was ‘Konstructie Mechaniek’. We started off as mechanical. conventional millers. Our challenge is always to be more than a step ahead.

During the years we continuously invest in the latest technologies. We have grown from a component manufacturer to a machine building company where all is made on our premises.

Our strategy: we do it our way!  Supported by an automated administration (custom made ERP), our state of the art machinery equipment, the Komec people are the truly our core of the company.

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Small company, great people!

It's all about people

People ownership is our core. Through transparent communication, we accompany our partners on their way to creation, innovation and change.

Advanced Technologies

Combining essentiality with a tailor-made ERP system and high-end CNC technology, we create innovative products, services and solutions.

Working together

Different departments working together as one, are connected through human values and empowered by our core strength: our people.

The Komec quality, our worldwide standard

Say what you do. Do what you say.

Work and quality

How we work

Fully automated in administration, customers enter their orders into the Komec web order application. From then all our processing starts!

Administration – Machining – Sheet Metal Work – Assembling – Commissioning of Complete Machinery Equipment – Shipping Details – Invoices ➔   It all can easily been followed up online.

There is complete transparency between all of us at Komec and our customers. We aim high with our environmental goals and are proud at our achievements in this area. Our IP protection strategy is second to none in our sector.

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How we manage quality

We have always been inspired by our own slogan: ‘The Komec Quality, our Worldwide Standard

As entrepreneurs: we walk the talk. Through training, order and discipline we try to strive for the highest standard of perfection.

It is our people who are fully aware of how quality is made.

We combine organizational strength with process optimization in order to always remain one step ahead. This is thanks to a clear, long-term vision and philosophy.

What we do

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Increase your quality of life with our innovative products, services and solutions.

Our mindset

With patience, you gain time

The year of

2022 is the Year of 'People Meeting Together, (Y)OUR Friendship Matters'

Only when people meet, friendship and love will be able to multiply,
Only when people come together and are connected, will friendship grow!
Only when people are together, we build a beautiful humanity.

2021 was the Year of Hope

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

2020 was the Year of Insight

Right Insights bring people together. Great insights bring right outsights.

2019 was the Year of the Smile

Smiling is free, yet such a valuable gesture. Use your smile, in its simplicity, to universally connect and change the world.

2018 was the Year of Perseverance

Honesty bespeaks reliability. Confidence begets trust. Service bestows satisfaction. Cooperation bestokens quality for the future.

2017 was the Year of Confidence

Confidence has no ingredients. Confidence is based on values such as reliability, honesty, respect, … we have them, you have them. So we trust. Thanks for your confidence.


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Komec Helsen nv - Kernenergiestraat 79 - 2610 Wilrijk - Belgium

Delivery address raw materials: Neerlandweg 30 - 2610 Wilrijk - Belgium

Delivery address packages: Kernenergiestraat 79 - 2610 Wilrijk - Belgium / +32 3 828 31 38

Our values

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It's all about people!