In 1980, Emiel Helsen founded Komec. Our company started off as a conventional mechanical milling factory with three people and 85 square metres of workspace. Not much later at the end of the eighties, the development of the CNC machining technology came into existence. Komec was one of the first companies to jump on the wagon.



This no-nonsense mindset is what typifies the Helsen family. Our current CEO Werner Helsen still strongly supports this philosophy. According to Werner, this simple and straightforward way of working has been the key of the development of Komec to its current capacity. Today, 46 people with backgrounds in technology, business, management and accountancy proudly comprise the Komec team. Even more diverse than their background is their age: from 19 to 79 years old.


It’s all about people

What makes Komec exceptional in the field is that it treats its workforce as well as its clients with a uniquely personal and transparent approach. Although we are an ever-innovating company using high tech CNC milling techniques, it’s still our people that form the cornerstone of all of our projects. Everything we do happens in connection, consideration and complete transparency towards each other and our customers.