Tailor-made fountainpens

Engineered for people who love writing!

Patented Bulkfiller system

The CONID Bulkfiller has a patent pending syringe filling system designed by Fountainbel. The Bulkfiller system consists of a syringe filler on which the syringe rod can be engaged to the piston prior to filling and disengaged from the piston after filing.

Intelligent design

As well as their balanced look, fit for any special occasion or daily handwriting, our Bulkfillers all boast an efficient and well-thought-out design.


Created to last for eternity, all of the constructional segments of the Bulkfillers are made from high-quality titanium.

Strong and durable

The seventh strength states that all parts – except for the nib and feed – are completely CNC
machined @Komec and there is no glue involved whatsoever.


People talk about Conid

It is marvellous that so many people are write about Conid. We greatly appreciate the comments of each and every (future) Conid enthusiast.

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The AntwerPPen

Based in AntwerpBelgium, the home of people and companies who try to break the mould and dare to go off the beaten path, Conid aims to impart this spirit in everything we do. Our company strives to let Antwerp’s pivotal role in the history of manuscription go hand in hand with contemporary technology, thereby aspiring to reinforce Antwerp’s passion for handwriting. We therefore created the AntwerPPen, devoted to our home base.

We believe a fountain pen, a tool with such a rich and ancient history, can still be improved by contemporary techniques. With that in mind we create Bulkfillers that emerge from an exquisite blend of detailed handcrafting and contemporary automatized technology. This cutting-edge technology enables Conid pen owners to enjoy undisturbed and extensive writing sessions. Crafted with detail, our pens are built to write with equal precision.